Donald Trump’s successful business ventures

President Donald Trump is known for many aspects today. One of them, without a doubt, is thanks to his large number of businesses that he manages. If there is one certain thing, it is that although Trump has invested in different types of businesses, the main source of income for the current American president is through the real estate sector. With that said, I’ll name a few of Donald Trump’s most successful business ventures below:

The Apprentice’ TV Show

Although Mr. Trump’s fortune is indeed based on the real estate sector, in 2004 he premiered in the field of television with the creation of a new reality show based in New York City. With this program, it is estimated that he achieved earnings of up to 213.6 million and up to 27 million viewers. A resounding success.

Trump International Tower Chicago

Another of the famous businesses is its licenses and its hotel management that is spread all over the world with the well-known “Trump towers” hotels.

One of the most important and most famous towers is the Trump International Tower Chicago which became the second tallest building in the city and was named the best hotel in a large city in North America in 2010.

The New York City Real Estate

Without a doubt, New York City is the most benefited from the real estate investments of the current American President. A clear example of one of its great successes with infrastructure in this city is the case of the “Grand Hyatt Hotel”, which was exchanged for the old and dilapidated Commodore Hotel and has now become one of the most luxurious and precious places in Manhattan.

To this extensive list of properties that Trump has in New York City, we must add the 40 Wall Street building. He obtained this building in 1995 for the amount of 1 million dollars and currently its value is more than 500 million dollars. In addition to these two important properties, we can name other infrastructures such as the “Trump Place”; the “Trump Tower”, located on 5th avenue and with a value of 371 million; “1290 Avenue of the Americas” (valued in $410 million), etc.

If one thing is clear to us, it is that Donald Trump is a true businessman in the real estate sector in New York City and many other parts of the world.

Trump Model Management

Although this business ended in 2017, I have found it to be relevant to this text. This company was a luxury modeling agency located in Manhattan which was founded in 1999. The agency was involved in some lawsuits and finally, when Trump was proclaimed president, it closed.

These are some of Trump’s most successful companies/businesses that I have found. Although we can see, and as we have mentioned several times before, that most of its wealth comes from the real estate sector, it should be noted that the current president has tried to diversify his investment in different ways, such as in the creation of a university, the creation of vodka or an airline, but it has not been as successful as with the other businesses.