3 Ways to Deal with Property Disputes

In property law, whether you bought a new house and the neighbors are crossing to your line or to trees or objects blocking the nice view you used to have. Dealing with issues like this may seem quite petty, but since you spend a substantial amount of money on your property, you need to deal with this as quickly and as inexpensively as possible before you end up in court to waste thousands more. There are better and more peaceful ways to deal with issues like this.

Peaceful Negotiations

If you have a breach of say, land encroachment or property damage due to a tree or anything like that, the best and most obvious way to deal with this is to approach your neighbor, or landlord or whoever the disagreement involves. Be as nice and as stern as you can possibly be. Maybe bake some cookies to present in a peaceful way. The benefit of the doubt goes a long way. State your problem as if it was an easy mistake to not offend anyone and hope they listen and understand. Maybe this can even lead to a better compromise to help both parties. You can show the deeds with all the specifics of your property and how they are breaching that agreement and to compare with their deed as well to get a better understanding.

A Letter

Some people aren’t very sociable and don’t like conflicts. You can an official letter to your neighbor or person you have a dispute with. You can even get your attorney to write a letter for you. The letter should politely state what the issue is. It is a good idea to give a possible and fair solution they can agree to or not. People usually send the letter to their own attorney to be sure of the terms and their own rights to have a full scope of the issue. So don’t worry too much if they do that, it really isn’t an insult.

Mediation or ADR third parties

Most people really do try their best to get the better end of the deal. They don’t listen or try to argue with you to win. You could start a huge fight or neighbour-wars which will be devastating for you. When this happens, asking for a mediator is a great choice. All a mediator does is sit there and listen to both sides so that both parties understood properly and they can find their own solution. They even carry messages between the two parties, anything to maintain order. There is also the ADR option. With arbitration, you have a third-party that initially makes the final decision for you. This way, nobody gets the upper hand.

There are many ways to deal with a land dispute and some end up leading to the court and wasting a lot of money for both parties. So, try to be friendly and avoid all of that and hope for the best. Why look somewhere else yet you have the best here?