3 Emerging Real Estate Markets in the US

Real estate business involves the purchase and development of land, constructions and other resources such as water and minerals in the land. Real estate business is one of the under the radar emerging markets in most countries, mostly in the US. Real estate management is a highly profitable investment, either as an investor or an agent. There are various reasons why investors are getting into real estate business.
Here are some of the various reasons influencing estate business.


Businesses do well in regions with a stable and growing economy. The availability of huge amounts of money often give people the urge to buy property such as houses, thus, the real estate business become relevant. On the other hand, when there is a political imbalance, the financial stability of the region tend to weaken, affecting the real estate market.

Interest rates

Change in interest rates is crucial for most businesses such as real estate business. This is because when the interest rates drop, the cost to buy a home or mortgage is also lowered. When the interest rate is high, most people will forego buying homes. Additionally, high rates discourage real estate investors.

Government Policies

Governments control virtually every business. In some places, the government imposes stern policies and taxation, discouraging investors in venturing in a particular area. Also, the government can positively affect property demand by imposing tax credits, and subsidies. Every investor should be cautious about government policies to help in determining the potential trend and property demand.


Factors such as population, gender, age, race and income of a particular area determine the potential demand and profit margins a real estate investor can attract. For example, if the population consists of young families, there are higher possibilities for the demand for homes.

With the background idea of the factors that influence real estate management, investors have shown interest in various states in the US.

Seattle is one of the emerging real estate markets. This is because the city is full of the young and highly educated residents. The young and education have high demand to own homes. This demand leads to the rapid growth of real estate business. Besides, the overall population in Seattle. The city has a growth rate of approximately 30,000 new residents. The increase in population is a good market for real estate investors.

In Charlotte, the financial stability has made the city vulnerable to real estate investments. There is steady growth in median sales, due to the demand for properties. The presence of enormous financial institutions such as Bank of America makes it possible for the resident to easily access loans for mortgages. Most investors are now expanding their investments in the new Charlotte market.
In Austin, Texas, the low cost of living, and quality life is a major attraction force towards real estate investors. Consequently, Austin has educated residents, making it a safe place to invest. The high population, of over 2 million residents calls the need to have more homes.

Atlanta is also a great market, being the home to great companies such as Coca-Cola. The economic level is both high and stable. This economic stability and availability of employment opportunities is a potential market for real estate since as the number of employees increase, the rental demand also increases.


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